Apex Legends Resurrection Season 18 Preview

Apex Legends Resurrection is the new Apex Legends Season arriving on August 8. Coming out fresh from Arsenal, Resurrection is a meaty update that introduces a new collection event, Mixtape expansion, and the launch of a new and improved Revenant.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a private press event by EA and Respawn Entertainment of this award-winning hero shooter, and we’re excited to announce that it is a very significant update.

Apex Legends Resurrection learns from the previous season (Arsenal) to bring together an improved experience that implements a better ranked game mode, a continuation of a story arc introduced at the end of Arsenal, and a revision of a character that’s been on the wayside since Season 4.

Kill Code

Kill Code is a culmination of storytelling lessons learned throughout the years. Expect permanent story changes amongst the relationships of the characters and see which characters come out unscathed at the end of this overarching story arc. This story arc will continue past Apex Legends Resurrection.

Ashley Reed, the Narrative Lead on Apex Legends, promises a bigger direction on the game’s lore. The story will be told through cinematics and in-game events, and she defines the cinematic stories around Kill Code as “serialized narrative arcs.”

Kill Code: Part One follows Lifeline, Loba, and Maggie infiltrating a secret base that doesn’t go according to plan. It will be followed by Kill Code: Thiefsbane. Loba continues her crusade as she goes rogue and infiltrates the base on her own. Players are tasked during Battle Royale to crack computer codes and collect the critical data they uncover in Part One. Kill Code: Part One is out now.

Kill Code: Part Two follows the Revenant Reborn storyline heralding the return of Revenant. Since season four, Revenant’s playstyle has not kept up to date with the rest of the hero shooter and his popularity has fallen off with his playstyle becoming problematic over time. He has been reworked and his abilities have been revised.

Revenant Reborn

Besides the new look, Revenant is a darker version of himself. At the start of Season 18, someone has been tinkering with Revenant and that loss of control affects him greatly. Hammond and Duardo are now locked in competition for the control of Revenant’s head. More details will be revealed as the story continues through Apex Legends Resurrection.

Apex Legends Resurrection Revenant

Revenant will fully adopt his new evil look with his deadly new abilities. His new passive “Assassin’s Instinct” allows him to track low-health enemies and speed up his crouch walk and wall climbing. His tactical, “Shadow Pounce” allows Revenant to close the gap with his targets from a distance. Finally his Ultimate “Forged Shadows” collects a shroud of hardened shadows that block damage and regenerate.

Revenant is unlocked for all players this season and they can complete challenges before Apex Legends Resurrection is completed to keep Revenant as a permanent member of their roster. There’s nowhere to hide from death this season, as Revenant has been reborn!

New Game Modes and Ranked Season

Learning many lessons from Arsenal, including introducing the new character, Ballistic, and the improvement of the ranked system; Apex Legends Resurrection further improves on this by launching a brand new ranked season.

Apex Legends Resurrection’s ranked season sees multiple updates to refine balancing. Ring damage and timing are adjusted to decrease pre-finale lulls. This adds a minimum elimination bonus increase based on the player’s Matchmaking Rating and elimination bonus.

The pace will slow for an average player to allow for accurate matchmaking. Players playing on the Diamond+ ranks will see the difference in matches allowing for higher quality matches based on their ability.

Apex Legends Resurrection Mixtape

Fan-favorite Mixtape modes make their way to new locations this season. Players can jump into Gun Run and Team Deathmatch in The Core or play Control in the Production Yard. Here in this new season, players can show off their new skill as Mixtape crashes into Broken Moon. The floating asteroids, like them or hate them, are here to stay.

Tune in later this month for the Death Dynasty Collection Event. Players can earn double XP in Battle Royale from August 8-15 and in Mixtape from August 15-22. There are 24 limited-time themed cosmetics to collect and additional items to earn on the rewards track.

There are 24 cosmetics to unlock before the event ends and players who complete this will receive Revenant’s new “Death Grip” Heirloom. Also, look out for the new Battle Pass coming out for Apex Legends Resurrection starting on August 8th.

Apex Legends Resurrection Ranked

Apex Legends is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

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