Destiny 2 Reprises Well-known Crota’s End Raid, Now Available For All Players

Bungie has released the beloved Crota’s End raid, newly reprised for Destiny 2, and it is now open to all players who want to take on Crota, the son of the Taken King.

The quest to acquire the Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle is now available for everyone who finishes the Crota’s End raid after the 48-hour period, where players can complete additional steps to earn

In Destiny 2 tradition, Guardians who earn the Swordbearer title or finish the raid before the deadlines detailed below can unlock collectible raid-themed items for purchase through Bungie Rewards.

  • Raid ring – September 13 (Asia time)
  • Raid pin – November 29 (Asia time)
  • Raid poster – November 29 (Asia time)
  • Swordbearer title pin – November 29 (Asia time)

Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch is now available and ends on November 28. In Season of the Witch, Guardians will continue their ongoing pursuit of The Witness, and will confront old allies and enemies along the way. Savathûn’s ghost Immaru proposes a deal: aid in the resurrection of The Witch Queen and help defeat her sister, Xivu Arath.

Key to Season of the Witch is the new Deck of Whispers, a new method of player progression that allows Guardians to customize their loadouts and powers in new ways. By completing Seasonal activities, players earn cards that can be used to build a customized deck full of buffs and perks for certain activities.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the conclusion to the Light and Darkness saga, was also recently revealed and will launch on February 28 in Asia, 2024.

In The Final Shape, players will embark on a journey into the heart of the Traveler and finally confront the Witness alongside their Vanguard companions. The time is almost here to rally all Guardians to a new destination called The Pale Heart, master new Super abilities and Aspects, collect new weapon subfamilies, confront a new enemy type, and more.

destiny 2 the final shape key art

Will you be challenging Crota in Destiny 2?

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