The Crew Motorfest Now Available, Free Trial From September 14 – 17

Ubisoft has announced that The Crew Motorfest is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Epic Games and the Ubisoft Store.

Players will be able to explore all the aspects of car culture behind the wheel of more than 600 vehicles in this brand-new racing game from Ubisoft Ivory Tower.

Here’s what players can expect from The Crew Motorfest:

In The Crew Motorfest, players get to explore the island of O’ahu in Hawaii and participate in Motorfest, an always renewed festival designed for all car enthusiasts. At the heart of the event, they can discover new outlooks on car culture through a selection of 15 thematic campaigns, called Playlists. Each coming with a specific atmosphere, music, objectives, gameplay, and rewards, the Playlists fully immerse players in the best car culture universes and allow them to explore the legacy of iconic brands, or master different driving styles: from underground street racing in the Made in Japan Playlist to American Muscle cars, off-road, open-wheel racing, drift, and more! Electric supercars have their Playlist, all about immediate raw power and energy management… and vintage classics have one too, with entirely different gameplay settings, removing GPS and assisted driving to bring back the feeling of legendary vehicles from the past. And car culture is not only about cars, but also about people. To bring players as many different experiences as possible, some of the biggest names in the car-loving scene have contributed directly to The Crew Motorfest, including professional drivers, tuners, and content creators. Several Playlists directly feature such talents at launch:

  • Rule the Streets, featuring popular US network Donut Media putting the hottest cars to the test in James Pumphrey’s signature challenges;
  • Dream Cars, with world-famous car enthusiast Supercar Blondie (Alexandra Hirschi), bringing her curated selection of the most unique and innovative concept cars ever seen on the road;
  • LBWK, immersing players in the vision of Wataru Kato, founder of the Japanese car shop Liberty Walk, and his passion for tuned and customized cars.

And this is only the beginning: new Playlists and new experiences are just around the corner! Each visit to Motorfest is another chance to hop into a new weekly theme, drive new vehicles, and win rewards. Starting at launch on September 14, Season 1 is putting the spotlight on what makes an iconic car in different regions of the world: America, Japan or Europe. And in December, Season 2 will then welcome one of the most famous brands in Car Entertainment: Hoonigan, bringing their special project vehicles to the game!

the crew motorfest screenshot 1

Starting today, players can try out The Crew Motorfest courtesy of a 5-hour free trial program until September 17. Players who wish to continue their adventure will have every unlocked item and progression carried over upon the game’s purchase. By getting the game before the end of the Free Trial, they’ will benefit from the Early Adopter offer and unlock the Liberty Walk Pack, including the Toyota GR Supra 2021 LBWK Edition.

The Crew Motorfest is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Epic Games and the Ubisoft Store.

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