Filipina Legend ‘Conduit’ Headlines Apex Legends Season 19

Apex Legends “Ignite” is the new season, arriving on October 31. Coming out fresh from Resurrection, Ignite introduces Cross Progression, an updated Storm Point map, and the launch of the first Filipina Legend, Conduit.

Apex Legends Season 19 applies the lessons from the previous season to roll out cross-progression and improve ranked matches and balancing, a focus on continuing with the lore of Apex and Titanfall Universe, and the introduction of a new legend that many Filipino fans will be hyped about.

Conduit Leads the Charge

One of the most exciting updates in Apex Legends Ignite is the introduction of a new Legend hailing from the Philippines. Conduit is an Apex superfan who received her powers from a leaking modified Monarch Titan battery that fought in the war near her village. After her sister sustained injuries, she now takes on the responsibility for her family.

Christal Rose Hazelton, the narrative lead for Conduit, took inspiration from the concept of self-sacrifice, which permeates her personality and kit. By employing a dev team made up of a staff of Filipino descent, employing an external cultural consultant, and being Filipino-American herself, Respawn Entertainment went to great lengths to represent Filipino culture in a significant way with Conduit.

apex legends ignite season 19 conduit

Conduit partnered up with Lastimosa Armory to retrofit a modified Monarch battery in her suit that proudly shows a sun symbol that depicts her sunny personality and is also symbolized in the halo mechanism in her suit.

Conduit Skill Kit

If you think Conduit will be a pushover as a support character, guess again. Conduit’s support focus is on restoring ally shields for more staying power. Her tactical ability is called Radiant Transfer, which generates temporary shields for her allies that regenerate over time.

Conduit is also supplemented by her passive, Savior’s Speed, which allows for a burst of speed as she sprints toward her teammates to stay in close contact with her squad.

Her potential as a playmaker is increased by her Ultimate, Energy Barricade, which launches an array of seven shield-jamming devices that deal damage and slow enemies that pass through them to either cut off their escape or stop a push.

Cross-progression and Ranked Updates

Apex Legends Ignite provides a much-awaited feature: cross-progression. The dev team at Respawn Entertainment has a philosophy, and that’s to provide the same experience for all platforms of Apex Legends, and it starts here with Apex Legends Ignite.

There will be a mandatory account merger at the start of Apex Legends Ignite. All accounts will be merged into one account, where the highest-ranking account will be the “master.” All cosmetics across all accounts will be merged, and players can keep all badges and accolades on a single account.

apex legends ignite season 19 conduit battle pass

The developers also tweaked their ranked matches for Apex Legends Ignite with the aim of improving upon their goals to provide the best competitive experience on the platform. They’ve updated the rank ladder significantly, where players’ direct contributions impact their promotion through promo trials such as winning one match, getting three kills and assists, and making it to the top 10.

Storm Point: Energized

Apex Legends Ignite has an update to one of its popular maps, Storm Point. It is a major update where 40% of the total map has been changed. As Storm Point is a popular competitive map, several updates have been added to create quicker action, such as decreasing map size to reduce distance between squads.

Several points of interest (POI) have been updated, such as Zeus Station and Echo Headquarters. A new reworked Forbidden Zone has been added as well, adding new structures to create more focused combat.

  • apex legends ignite season 19 conduit storm point
  • apex legends ignite season 19 conduit storm point 2
  • apex legends ignite season 19 conduit storm point 3
  • apex legends ignite season 19 conduit storm point 4

Easter eggs have also been added to expand on lore, such as Crypto’s hometown, which is affected by the ongoing blackouts. Blueprints and syndicate plans have been added to provide some foreshadowing for future events.

Apex Legends is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

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