Hideo Kojima Working on ‘Physint,’ a new Action-Espionage Game for PlayStation

During the recently concluded State of Play, Hideo Kojima announced that he is working on a brand-new action-espionage game in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment tentatively titled “Physint.”

This is a new IP and will use cutting-edge technology and a stellar cast to deliver an experience like no other. The game is said to blur the boundaries between film and games, offering near life-like graphics and a new take on interactive entertainment.

“Yes, today, I’m excited to announce that we at Kojima Productions are creating a brand-new action-espionage game,” said Hideo Kojima.  “Preparations are underway, but production will begin in earnest after Death Stranding 2. We have strong experience with Sony Interactive Entertainment, having grown the action-espionage genre together for almost 30 years, and while most of our partnerships with Sony in the past have been for games, they also produce music and films, and this will definitely be a cooperative collaboration.”

Kojima also mentions that he will be celebrating his 40th year in the game production industry and is confident that Physint will be “the culmination of my work.”

No release window has been announced, but Kojima states that they will be working on it after Death Stranding 2.

Are you looking forward to Physint?

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