New Wild Hearts Trailer Offers a Closer Look at Home Base Minato, Voice Cast Revealed

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EA and Koei Tecmo have unveiled a new Wild Hearts trailer that offers players a closer look at Minato, the central village of Azuma and players’ home base.

The new Wild Hearts trailer introduces players to some of Minato’s most important villagers, allies who will prove to be crucial in their journey to triumph over Kemono that rampage the city’s landscape and threaten their homes.

Additionally, EA has also revealed the voice cast of Wild Hearts, which you can see below:

  • Ujishige Daidouji – Voiced by Yuki Matsuzaki (The Last Samurai, The Man in the High Castle, Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles)
    Ujishige is a drifter who washed up in Minato. Formerly a Samurai, these days he spends most of his time drinking—but he can still be a source of many a tall tale and the occasional hunting tip.
  • Natsume – Voiced by Miracle Vell Magic (singer and YouTuber)
    Natsume is the village blacksmith. She’ll help you upgrade your weapons and armor, and forge new gear from materials you bring back from your hunts. 
  • Suzuran – Voiced by Crystal Kay (singer/songwriter)
    Suzuran is a scientist, a scholar, and the Junior Leader of the Farmers’ guild. She’s dedicated to uncovering the mystery of the Karakuri and has been studying the Kemono for many years to find a use for their nature-altering abilities. 
  • Seren – Voiced by Yurié Collins (HodoBuzz, Inside the Rain, Orange is the New Black)
    Seren is the Master of the Carpenter’s Guild, and will be your contact for all construction projects in Minato.
  • Mujina – Voiced by Yuta Koga (King of Fools, Fires on the Plains)
    Mujina is something of a mystery. A traveling musician, he’ll show up when you least expect him—but perhaps when you need him most.
  • Nobumitsu Tsumori – Voiced by Kane Kosugi (Tekken 2, Street Fighter Alpha)
    Nobumitsu is the leader of the Fishermen’s Guild. He offers side jobs you can take on while you’re out in the world. 
  • Yatarō – Voiced by Mai Nakazato (Devastation: Mortal Flames, The First English Lesson in Japanese History)
    Yatarō is the Junior Leader of the Crafts Guild and an accomplished crafter of ornaments. He’ll help you look your best with custom cosmetics. 
  • Kōgyoku – Voiced by Marika Dandoy (School of Rock: The Musical, Jersey Boys)
    Kōgyoku is the proprietor of the Crimson Treasury, where you’ll be able to buy and sell important items.
  • Tamakazura – Voiced by Takayuki Yanagi (Amanagowa, Kamen Rider Ghost)
    Tamakazura is the proprietor of Minato’s bathhouse. This is where you’ll head for healing baths or helpful boosts. 
  • Toga-Hime – Voiced by Asia Grace Sawane
    Toga-Hime may be only 12-years-old, but her royal upbringing gave her the skills and confidence to be Minato’s steward. She oversees the town’s affairs and will be the one awarding your new Hunter ranks as you progress through the Wild Hearts story.
wild hearts official screenshot kemono

Wild Hearts is scheduled to release on February 17, 2023 for the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.


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