Indivisible launch on Switch a surprise, developers didn’t even know about it

Indivisible launched for the Nintendo Switch yesterday with little fanfare, if any at all. This underrated RPG that draws similarities to Valkyrie Profile made its quiet debut to the delight of many fans.

However, something fishy lurks beneath it all.

Apparently, the developers (Lab Zero Games) didn’t know anything about it. About the release, about when it was going to be released… nothing. How does something like this even happen?

Mike Zaimont, the project lead and lead designer for Indivisible, tweeted about the whole fiasco, saying that the devs only knew about it after people sent them messages of congratulations on Twitter.

That’s not all. Zaimont continues to say that up to the release, there was no PR lead up at all and the final build that made the eShop is not the latest one, pointing out missing features like co-op and new game plus.

While he is “happy”, he did go on to say that “This launch does not represent the quality standards of Lab Zero. It just doesn’t. I’m sorry. It wasn’t us.”, obviously washing his hands off of the launch fiasco.

One of the worst things, as if the previous instances aren’t bad enough, is that Zaimont has zero knowledge about how the crowdfunding rewards will be distributed, stating that he had to purchase the game from the eShop without any idea of when Switch codes or a physical release will happen.

It’s hard to pinpoint where this all went wrong but we’ve yet to hear from 505 Games, the publisher for this title. No official statement has been made on the matter yet.

Indivisible is now available on the Switch via the eShop for a special introductory price of $23.99, around PHP1,250.

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