Super Mario Maker 2 has you creating worlds in its latest and last major update

Super Mario Maker 2 has always been about the levels. Creative levels, ultra difficult impossible to finish levels, and everything in between. Stick all of those levels and what do you have? Your very own World, which you can now do in Super Mario Maker 2!

The last major update for the game, which goes live on April 22, includes a host of new items like the SMB2 Mushroom, the Frog Suit, the Power Balloon, and much much more. Even weird wearables like the Cannon Box, Propeller Box, and the Red Pow Box among others. Even weirder? A jet engine mechakoopa.

The best thing about the update? A World Maker.

With the World Maker, you can now literally create your own Mario game from scratch. From the course icons to the bonus levels and even shortcuts via pipes, you can create up to 8 worlds across 40 different courses.

It’s a hell of a final update for Super Mario Maker 2, and if you’re in the mood for creativity, this is sure to satisfy your appetite.

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