Turn Resident Evil 3 into Dino Crisis with this mod, complete with a Regina skin

We’ve had a lot of Resident Evil in the past few years, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when you think of how well RE2 and 3 have been selling.

What we don’t have enough of? Dino Crisis. The last Dino Crisis game was released back in 2003 and fans have been itching for anything DC related, be it a remaster or a remake.

Well, this Resident Evil 3 mod let’s you relive your Dino Crisis fantasies until the next official game comes along. Sort of.

The Dino Evil 3 mod by DarknessRvaltier replaces zombies with cute little T-Rexes who look like they could actually be modded to be Barney but this is a v.01 release, meaning expect improvements in the future. Also, can you imagine Nemesis as a huge dinosaur that can break through walls? It really, REALLY does make sense to bring Dino Crisis back to life, Capcom!

A nice touch that the mod allows for is to dress up Jill Valentine as Regina, even up to the red hair style and black suit, making it that much closer to Dino Crisis.

Capcom, do it!

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