Spider-Man: Miles Morales confirmed to have a 4K 60fps ‘Performance Mode’

Fans of the original game will be pleased that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be swinging to the PlayStation 5 looking as smooth as can be.

Insomniac Games announced that the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive will run at 4K and 60fps on an optional ‘Performance Mode’, indicating that there will at least be another mode, probably the default, with different settings.

It stands to reason that this is the usual “High Frame Rate” mode where the game will run buttery smooth and as a comparison, the previous PlayStation 4 Spider-Man game was running at 30fps and that on its own already looked fantastic. What would the other mode be? Higher / dynamic resolution but steady 30fps?

With this, we can expect that the promise of a 4K 60fps standard isn’t quite there yet. Is it because of the developers still familiarizing themselves with the new technology? Or some other factor like the possibility of not everyone having 4K TV sets as a standard yet?

In any case, what we do know is that the game, and many other games for that matter, will look absolutely gorgeous when the PlayStation 5 hits retailers in the Holiday of 2020.

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