Sega Astro City Mini set for a December 17 release

Initially unveiled back in July, the Astro City mini is now officially set to release on December 17 later this year in Japan as part of Sega’s 60th anniversary project. Along with the announcement, 13 more games have been revealed on top of the initial 10, bumping the total up to 23.

  • Bonanza Bros (1990 – Action, 2 players)
  • Crack Down (1989 – Action, 2 players)
  • Columns (1990 – Puzzle, 2 players)
  • Cotton (1991 – Shooting, 1 player)
  • Eswat – Cyber Police E-Swat (1989 – Action, 2 players)
  • Gain Ground (1988 – Action, 2 players)
  • Ichidanto-R (1994 – Party, 2 players)
  • Puyo Puyo (1992 – Puzzle, 2 players)
  • Shinobi (1987 – Action, 2 players)
  • Shadow Dancer (1989 – Action, 1 player)
  • WONDER BOY (1986 – Action, 2 players)
  • WONDER BOY Monster Land (1987 – Action, 2 players)
  • WONDER BOY Monster Lair (1988 – Action, 2 players)

The Astro City Mini release will be accompanied by the Astro City Mini Amustment Style Kit (sold separately), which adds a few accessories to give it that whole retro feel. There’s also an Astro City Mini Control Pad that will be sold separately.

While no word of a release outside of Japan for now, the Astro City Mini will retail for ¥12,800 (Around PHP6,500) while the Amusement Center Kit and Control Pad will sell for ¥3,980 and ¥2,780 (Around PHP2,000 and PHP1,400) respectively.

A local release is quite likely, as the Sega Genesis mini was well received when it released through various retailers. Barring any problems, you can expect to see this locally at around the same time over the Holidays.

For more information about the Astro City Mini, head on over to the official website.

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