Street Fighter V Summer Update brings 5 new DLC characters

Capcom dropped a huge update for fighting game fans as Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira from Rival Schools make their way to Street Fighter V.

In a presentation that featured SFV Director Takayuki Nakayama and SFV Producer Shuhei Matsumoto, along with special guests Tasty Steve, Justice, and a special appearance by all around awesome dude Kenny Omega, the latest Summer Update will be bringing 5 new characters along with a host of new content.

Dan Hibiki, the Master of Saikyo Style returns with his unique fighting style along with some new tricks up his sleeves. Rose is a fan favorite and was introduced by fellow fan favorite Kenny Omega himself. Oro, returning from SFIII, will be bringing his unorthodox style to wreak havoc and last but certainly not the least, Akira Kazama from Rival Schools will be making her Street Fighter debut.

These new characters will be receiving a staggered release date starting Winter this year and will run through 2021, bringing with them new costumes, new stages, and much more.

“But you only mentioned 4? Where’s the 5th?!”

The 5th and surprise character is still unknown at the moment, and Capcom will reveal the identity of the mystery fighter closer to its launch date in Fall 2021.

With all of the new content incoming, now could be the best time to try out SFV as there is a free trial on the PlayStation 4 that will run from August 5 until August 19. At the same time, both Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition are also on sale, as announced by the PlayStation Blog.

Street Fighter V is now available across all platforms.

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