The Last of Us 2 will be getting Grounded difficulty and Permadeath mode

The Last of Us 2 received 2 new trophies, “Dig Two Graves” and “You Can’t Stop This”, teasing an update that will test your survival skills in the game.

PowerPyx, the unofficial go-to guide for everything trophy related, confirms that the next update will include Grounded difficulty and Permadeath mode to an already difficult experience.

The harder trophy among the 2 would certainly look to be completing the game on Grounded mode, which will probably be similar to the first game and will remove listen mode, the HUD, and harder enemies, among other modifiers.

Permadeath may sound intimidating, implying that you’ll have to repeat your progress upon dying, but based on the description on the trophy, you can earn it on any setting which will probably allow an easy difficulty playthrough. Maybe.

In any case, we’ll keep an eye out for official updates from Sony and Naughty Dog. In the mean time, trophy hunters should get ready for a real challenge.

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