Take a look at new photos of the PlayStation 5

We all know that the PlayStation 5 is going to be big, both figuratively and literally. While all comparisons have been estimates at this point, the FCC have published new photos for the PlayStation 5 (not beauty shots or renders) in the flesh, and it truly is a big, big boy.

With photos from The Verge and via Roberto Serrano on Twitter, we can see the console on its horizontal orientation, which gives us a better look at just how much space the console is going to take up when it hits retail in 2 months. The series of photos also show the base, which finally gives us an idea on how exactly the PS5 will be used horizontally or vertically. There aren’t any objects for comparison, but it doesn’t take too much deduction to know that this will be taking up a lot of real estate.

For now, these are the photos we can go on as far as a physical manifestation of the system is concerned, but as we approach launch date, we’ll be seeing more and more photos of the system in the wild, possibly unboxing videos as well.

Leaked photos from before suggest that the outer casing is swappable, which will allow access to possible internal upgrades as well as custom PS5 designs apart from the official SKU’s. While this is not yet confirmed, it could indeed be a possibility.

The PlayStation 5 will be priced at $499 (around PHP25,000) for the Standard Edition and $399 around PHP20,000) for the Digital Edition. Both editions will release on November 12 in selected territories (US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea) and November 19 worldwide.

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