The WNBA will be getting a career mode in NBA 2K21

Next-gen NBA 2K21 will not only be getting a huge graphical overhaul, but for the first time in history, fans of the WNBA will be in for a treat as the game will be getting a host of modes especially for WNBA. That’s a big W for these talented women!

As revealed in the latest courtside report, not only will it get a brand new MyWNBA season experience, the game will also be getting a WNBA MyPLAYER and a 3v3 experience called W Online.

One of our gripes from NBA2K19 was that the addition of the WNBA, while great, felt like an afterthought, which didn’t feature enough of the league to really get you hooked into playing. These additions will seem to shatter all of that as these modes will shine the spotlight on the WNBA.

Take note, these additions will only come to the next-gen versions of NBA 2K21!

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