Custom DualSense controller will make you go Super Saiyan

The PS5 isn’t coming until next week, or next next if you’re on this side of the world, but retailers in the west have been sending out the accessories early, getting the DualSense and the others in the hands of the gamers in advance. This only means more time to tinker around with the goods!

Youtube Channel LazaModz have already put out a video on how to disassemble the DualSense controller and this time, staying true to their name, have modded the controller to feature Goku from Dragon Ball Z. It’s looking very glossy, something shiny like how the Dragon Balls would be, but retains the white shell from the original DualSense casing on the rear, which have the little PS Icons printed on the surface. It’s a great look for a great controller!

It looks great, and it may (or may not) boost your gaming skill, but you gotta pay top dollar to get your hands on a custom like this. LazaModz has this up on their website for $179.99, around PHP9,000 (almost over 9,000!) and while it is pricey, you have to appreciate the craftsmanship and talent to put something like this together.

Similarly, the PlayStation 5 is confirmed to have detachable side plates, meaning you may customize these as well. Expect Sony to sell officially licensed plates soon, which may make your dream of an all-black PS5 come true.

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