PlayStation 5 won’t support storage expansion at launch

As we get closer and closer to launch, we’re starting to see some more PlayStation 5 info trickling in via various media sites and outlets. While some of these may be unverified, like the possibility of the SSD only having 667GB, some details are coming or are being confirmed by Sony themselves. As reported by The Verge, storage expansion is something that will not be available at launch, but will be updated in the future.

Coming from the Teardown Video, we indeed see that there will be a way to expand storage on the PS5 via an M.2 slot. This is almost a necessity, considering how large the next-gen PlayStation 5 games will be, like Demon’s Souls and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Sony confirms and tells The Verge that “[T]his is reserved for a future update,” meaning it won’t work out of the box.

Gamers will certainly need to get used to deleting some games if they wish to play new ones, as the delay in activating that port is most likely due to the fact that there aren’t any (or at least, very few) SSD’s that are either “fast enough to keep up with the PS5, thin enough to fit into the SSD bay, or compatible with Sony’s I/O controller”. Until such time that these third-party manufacturers can come up with something that fits the specs of the PS5, the expansion slot will probably be locked until then to prevent further tinkering.

Good thing is that storage solutions will hopefully be more abundant and cheaper as time goes by but until then, delete-install-repeat will be our mantra as we get the PlayStation 5 soon.

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