Genshin Impact wins Apple’s 2020 App Store Game of the Year Award

Genshin Impact is quite the game, isn’t it? After breaking multiple records and raking in $100 million in less than 2 weeks, it has gone on to win Apple’s 2020 App Store Game of the Year Award, proving that emergency food is indeed delicious.

miHoYo have done very well for themselves, as they not only managed to win this one, but also Google Play’s Best Game of 2020 in Japan as well.

This Breath of the Wild “clone” has carved its own path, setting itself apart by building a truly engaging experience. Genshin Impact has also a star studded cast of Japanese voice actors that bring the characters alive, with some exceptional talents like Rie Tanaka, Akari Kitou, and Aoi Yuuki just to name a few.

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