PlayStation 5 meets industrial shredder in this painful video

Despite its worldwide release (for most territories), the PlayStation 5 has been somewhat a Unicorn for many – almost everyone wants one but hardly anyone can get one. It is Sony’s biggest console launch after all, so there is massive demand for the product. Given the situation, it would be heartbreaking to see a console not being put to use, much more being shredded to pieces for some shits and giggles.

Senior Editor at The Verge Tom Warren posted a video on Twitter and since we watched it, you have to watch it too. Apparently, a PlayStation 5 and an industrial shredder do not go well together. Who knew?

There’s not much to explain here, except for the bone hurting sound of the crushing plastic and circuits. The PS5 is hard to get as it is, but throwing $500 away is something else. You definitely won’t catch me doing that, I don’t have $500 to begin with hahahuhu.

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