The Witcher 1 Remake Will be Open-world, CD Projekt Red Confirms

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 remake of The Witcher 1 is set to be a fully open-world experience.

The confirmation comes from a recent investor report, which can be seen in full HERE. On page 5, as part of the product outlook section, it is indicated that the reimagining of the 2007 classic will be a “story-driven, single player open-world RPG.”

the witcher 1 remake open world

This is the latest piece of news since the remake was first announced last month, which will be a collaboration with Polish studio Fool’s Theory.

Apart from this, no more details have been shared, so we’ll have to wait until CD Projekt Red is ready to announce new updates.

The witcher 3 wild hunt next gen update

In other The Witcher news, the long-awaited next-gen update for The Witcher 3 is coming on December 14 for the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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