The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s biggest console launch ever

Did they mean size or sales?
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The PlayStation 5 is absolutely sold out everywhere. Here in the Philippines, pre-orders were such a mess that stocks got gobbled up in less than 5 minutes. Demand is sky high, and Sony has now confirmed that the PlayStation 5 launch was Sony’s biggest console launch ever.

The record was previously held by the PS4 with 1 million units overnight, and we’d like to wait for more official numbers on this one when Sony announces it, but considering the challenges brought about by the pandemic, this is a very impressive feat.

Worldwide, players are clamoring for more stocks, and Sony has confirmed that there will indeed be more to come before the year ends, so we recommend not purchasing from scalpers, who are selling the unit at outrageous prices.

If you’ve managed to get yourself a console, congratulations, you are a part of history!


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