Square Enix files Final Fantasy VII related trademarks

Square Enix could be preparing big things for Final Fantasy VII if these recently filed trademarks are any indication.

As reported by Gematsu, there were 3 Final Fantasy VII related trademarks filed last December, but were only made public today, January 12.

final fantasy vii zack

The trademarks didn’t have any descriptions attached to them, and it is not a rare occurrence that a company files trademarks that don’t mean anything at all, but all are related to Final Fantasy VII, which is an ongoing project for Square. “Ever Crisis” is possibly a reference to Crisis Core, “The First Soldier” references Sephiroth, and the Shinra logo clearly references… the Shinra logo.

Again, this could mean absolutely nothing, but also it could mean something, but what it is, we do not know yet. Could it be related to Part 2 of the ongoing remake? Maybe a DLC? New spin-off games or even a new remake? Surely the rumor mill is turning at record pace.

Speaking of Part 2, the next installment in the Final Fantasy VII remake is in production and working from home should not be a big impact in the long term.

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