The New Xbox Wireless Controller Makes Us See Red

Red is a color that naturally calls attention to itself. It is striking, vibrant, and loud. So it is quite ironic and refreshing that Xbox’s new wireless controller, in a brand new Pulse Red variant, is quite easy on the eyes. Dare I say it looks much more sleek and elegant than the Shock Blue, what do you think?

The face of the controller is draped in a sleek and stylish red, with black trigger buttons accented by a white two-tone casing on the back. It’s quite the looker, and will definitely go well with your Series S or X.

While I could fall back to the Xbox One controller, which has a better grip that the Series X set in my opinion; the new wireless controller sports the capture button as well as the hybrid D-pad. They have been a great addition despite its smaller frame, which we talk about in our review of the Xbox Series X.

This new controller will be available worldwide on February 9 for $64.99 or around PHP3,300. If you’re in China, it is available now.

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