Final Fantasy XVI will be more action-oriented, but will feature a story-focused mode

It’s been quite a while since we last heard of news about Final Fantasy XVI, which revealed details about the world and its characters. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for another info drop from Square, so a tidbits from a recent Tokyo FM Radio Show called “One Morning” featuring producer Naoki Yoshida will have to do for now.

As spotted by Games Talk and Gematsu, Yoshida talked a bit about the upcoming game, assuring players that Final Fantasy XVI will be action-oriented, as can be seen in the trailer where the action is fast and the moves flashier. However, Yoshida is also making it to be accessible to players who are not able to perform complex actions easily. While of course they want players to enjoy the story, the team will be coming up with a mode for players who just want to focus on the story, something that is “easy to operate and smooth to play”.

Talking about the story, Yoshida seems to be a great candidate to be on top of this latest installment, as he mentioned that he has played every Final Fantasy since the first game. He wants to create a story that resonates with people like him, who have experienced hardship as they grow up, and have learned about the realities of life. Final Fantasy XVI, as Yoshida says, will be “something that those who grew up playing Final Fantasy and understand reality can still enjoy, get something out of, and think about.”

There’s not much to go by in terms of information yet for this game, but judging how Yoshida handled Final Fantasy XIV, it is safe to say that we can surely get excited about this next title.

Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 5.

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