Pokemon Unite is a team based MOBA game for the Switch and Smartphones

Nintendo, in partnership with Tencent, has announced a new team based MOBA entitled Pokemon Unite.

Yes, you read right, a MOBA similar to games like Mobile Legends or Wild Rift.

You can view the presentation below:


Pokemon you control can level up by eliminating wild Pokemon in the field and you can evolve as you level up, allowing you to access more skills and attacks which you can customize to suit your playstyle.

Each Pokemon has what is called a “Unite Move” which can turn the tide of battle when used. The objective of the game is to score as much points as you can by taking on the various “goals” within the time limit.

The game will support cross play between mobile devices and the Switch and it will be a free-to-start game when it launches.

No details have been given as then when the game will launch, stay tuned for more announcements.

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