Meet Valkyrie, the newest character to join the Apex Legends roster

EA and Respawn have released the latest character vignette for the newest addition to the Apex Legends roster on May 4, the high-flying Valkyrie. Determined to carve her own path, and with her swarm of unique abilities, Valkyrie is ready to make history and have everyone in the Apex Games remember her name.

From her passive to ultimate, Valkyrie’s abilities will make use of her mobility, gunning enemies from above. Her ability list consists of:

  • Passive: Vtol Jets – Use Valkyrie’s jetpack to reposition or reach high places when scouting out foes. Jet fuel will be limited, but refills over time
  • Tactical: Missile Swarm – Fire a swarm of mini-rockets that damage and disorient the enemy
  • Ultimate: Skyward Dive – Take to the skies to reposition long distances across the map with the option for squadmates to join in.

On May 4, Apex Legends: Legacy will feature a new game-changing permanent 3v3 Mode – Arenas, a powerful and deadly weapon in the Bocek bow, Olympus map update, a new Battle Pass and much more.

Apex Legends will also be releasing on mobile devices, and will have a closed beta test soon in the Philippines.

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