Nyctophobia Devil Unleashed is an Indie horror game developed by a lone Filipino dev

Horror games are a dime a dozen, but that didn’t make Keneth Agar, a 20-year-old game developer, from working on his own take on the genre with Nyctophobia Devil Unleashed. I don’t even remember what I was doing when I was 20, and this guy has already developed his own game!

Nyctophobia Devil Unleashed, published by Lamina Studios, is a single-player Indie horror game that is now available on Steam and was released just last July 7 to positive reviews. It plays like most horror games would do, a first-person point-and-click experience, but what makes the title interesting is that it is developed by only one person.

nyctophobia devil unleased

Keneth Agar is a working student, taking up BS in Information Technology at Laguna State Polytechnic University in Los Baños. He started working on the game late last year, which at first he didn’t plan on finishing, but was motivated to do so to experience releasing a full game. Keneth started to learn code work in 2018 but only took up C# during college, which was a good start for game development.

Since then, most of his know-how about game development was self-taught over Youtube and Google. It also helped that Keneth worked as a graphic designer back in 2019, so he has some experience in Photoshop, which proved to be useful when creating the interface and assets needed for the game.

Nyctophobia Devil Unleashed took around 8 months to finish, and with Keneth doing everything alone, it certainly was a great feat. Planning and working on the storyline took about 2 months, with the actual code work taking around 5 months.

Since it was released, Nyctophobia Devil Unleashed has been slowly gaining traction online, with several Let’s Plays on Youtube and Facebook, some by local gaming personalities like Vtuber Lyrica and Ann Mateo. Imagine playing this on the Steam Deck when it releases!

About Nyctophobia Devil Unleashed

You can learn more about the game here on its Steam page:

About the Game:

One Christmas holiday, a girl challenged herself to enter an asylum alone to investigate the said facility. Things are doing fine until ghosts and other demonic creatures start attacking her. Can she survive the night alone? Or will she unveil the secrets of the asylum that was believed to be haunted since it was abandoned.


– Flashlight: This will be used as a way to see things inside the dark asylum.

– Night Vision: This will be used to clearly see in the dark.

– Massive Map: This game has three (3) main scenes. The house, Forest & the Asylum.

– Realistic Horror: Nyctophobia gives you the real experience when it comes to going into haunted places alone. It gives you the real chills and anxiety due to its creepy and scary atmosphere.

Nyctophobia Devil Unleashed is now available on Steam for PHP189.95 and soon on Mac and Linux.

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