Top 10 Playstation Indies that may be featured at The State of Play

Another Playstation State of Play is upon us and while the focus will be a 9-minute gameplay deep dive on Deathloop, we’re also getting updates for some PlayStation Indies and third-party titles as well. While I do admit that my batting average with regard to predictions is abysmally low, we were able to predict Operation: Tango for June PS Plus and around 40% of the last State of Play presentation back in February. We’ll take what we can!

Looking back during the Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart State of Play, they were able to reveal two games (Subnautica Below Zero and Among Us), so we’re expecting a bit more this time around, based on the roughly 30 minute run time. Increasing our margin of error, we’re going the full 10 Playstation Indies this time around to really hedge our bets. Remember, this is all in good fun and not to be taken too seriously. Though, we really love it when we get it right.

Little Devil Inside

Many publications are still scheduling Little Devil Inside as a TBC July 2021 release and while it’s one of the last pieces still unconfirmed from the infamous CES 2021 Sizzle Reel fine print, maybe this is the time we’ll receive actual word of its launch. It is July and Playstation Indies could definitely use a marketing push. Just like Oddworld Soulstorm, it wasn’t given much fanfare either but was announced on a State of Play close to its launch. Maybe this game will get that push it deserves.

Where The Heart Leads

Similar to Subnautica Below Zero being announced about a week and a half before launch during the State of Play in May, Where The Heart Leads received some fanfare during the Playstation Indies showcase in March but hardly anything else after that. Maybe we’ll get some updates this time around? I’m excited for this game, and hopefully we get a bit more tease to get us going towards a full purchase.


Prior to E3, Foreclosed got a bit of hype on the Playstation Blog, highlighting its dedication to the PS5 control scheme and interface. With it launching soon (August 12), The State of Play can really push for deeper look into this intriguing cyberpunk comic strip experience that feels quite similar to cyberpunk films like Total Recall and Minority Report.


Previously teased for a July release, it was revealed in E3 that an August release is now in the books for this stunning platformer. As this title is launching on both PS4 and PS5, we could probably get more info revealed during this State of Play. Also it is a game made in Vietnam, which is a great opportunity to give a shout out to a regional developer.

Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits need no introduction, as it’s enjoying quite a bit of exposure through different avenues during E3, namely the Tribeca Games Showcase. While another deep dive at this point is overkill, Returnal got quite a bit of push leading up to its release, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Kena receives the same treatment and a short feature in this State of Play.


Besides Kena, Sifu is the other high profile Playstation Indie title that received quite a bit of promotion during E3. At the time of writing, there are about three trailers for this bad boy and right now we’re just waiting for an actual release date. It’d be great if during this State of Play we a concrete update and more details on how the aging of the kung fu master will affect the gameplay loop.


Like Little Devil Inside, Stray is the other title revealed in the infamous CES 2021 Sizzle Reel that showed an October release date. Annapurna Interactive has not revealed anything yet, but maybe we’ll get an update in this State of Play about this title.

Jett: The Far Shore

I don’t know if you still remember Jett from last year’s Playstation 5 showcase, but it is one of the last few titles that hasn’t received any updates for whatever reason. Maybe we’ll finally hear about it this State of Play. It’s looking like an intriguing title that gives out some Journey vibes.

Ghostwire Tokyo

It’s a bit of a stretch, but let’s bet on Ghostwire Tokyo now that E3 and the Bethesda showcase is over. We are featuring Deathloop, so why not another Bethesda title while we’re at it? Will it still release in October or should we manage our expectations and just see it in 2022?

Solar Ash

It’s really becoming a running joke now among us here at OMG that every time there’s a prediction, I’m gonna drop Solar Ash. I’m already invested, so let’s go for broke! Solar Ash is gonna be the Playstation Indies announcement this State of Play and let’s double down on that prediction and say it’s gonna be free on PS Plus this August 2021. There I said it!

This Playstation State of Play will air on July 8 at 2PM PDT (5AM PHT July 9).

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