Elden Ring Platinum Trophy Percentage Has Already Surpassed Other Souls Titles And Horizon Forbidden West In Just 2 Months

Elden Ring has seen insane engagement from the community ever since it was released back in February. During the first month alone, the Platinum Trophy percentage hit 3.7% and was setting a pace that would seemingly outrun other Souls titles after a few months of gameplay.

Now, in its second month out in the market, the Platinum Trophy rate of Elden Ring has more than doubled already, hitting 8.4% as of April 25, 2022, already beating out the likes of Dark Souls 3, Demon’s Souls (PS5), and Bloodborne.

*Minor spoilers below, secret trophies/achievements have been named*

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Elden Ring 2nd Month Platinum Watch

*PS and Xbox are from the console records (thanks to Hikusaak), PC from the Elden Ring Steam Community page. Numbers are accurate as of April 25, 2022. All trophy percentages are taken from PS5 versions / Played on PS5.

For comparison sake, here are the Platinum Trophy percentages when comparing Elden Ring to other Souls-like games:

  • Elden Ring – 8.4%
  • Dark Souls Remastered – 8.8%
  • Dark Souls 2 – 5.8%
  • Dark Souls 3 – 5.3%
  • Demon Souls (PS5) – 5.9%
  • Bloodborne – 6.5%
  • Sekiro – 9.6%

At this point, only Dark Souls Remastered and Sekiro have a higher Platinum Trophy rate over Elden Ring, and it would be safe to say that FromSoftware’s latest could definitely overtake these 2 other titles in the next few months if the pace keeps up.

Just out of curiosity, here are some Platinum Trophy percentages from other top-selling titles (PS5 Versions / Played on PS5):

  • Horizon Forbidden West – 8.0%
  • Death Stranding Director’s Cut – 3.4%
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – 4.8%
  • Ghost of Tsushima – 13.6%
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – 16.3%
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales – 7.0%
  • The Last of Us Part II – 4.1%
  • God of War 2018 – 4.7%
  • Far Cry 6 – 2.7%
  • Deathloop – 2.4%
  • Resident Evil Village – 2.1%

For PC Players, according to the Steam Community site, the Elden Ring achievement (Obtained all achievements) now sits at 6.1%, which was previously 3.2% last month. For Xbox, the achievement percentage is now at 1.74%, which was previously .63%.

Interestingly, if just based on these percentages alone, it would seem that Elden Ring players on PlayStation are the most engaged, scouring The Lands Between and consuming trophy-related content faster than PC and Xbox players combined.

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Other Elden Ring Trophy Percentages

With its Platinum Trophy being devoured by an impressive percentage of players, here’s a further comparison of other pertinent trophies that have received big jumps in completion percentage since its first month.

Interesting to note that more players are still choosing the Age of the Stars ending over others, signifying that Ranni’s questline is a favorite among players, despite needing to go through challenging tasks. Is it because of the Dark Moon Greatsword or because of Ranni?

The ending percentages for Elden Ring have to do a bit of catching up to other Souls titles, which suggests that players could be enjoying their time scouring the world for secrets and more challenging battles before finishing the game.

A large chunk of players have also beaten Malenia, which is considered to be the hardest boss in the game. Her completion rate now sits at 27.2% but was previously at just 14.2%, almost doubled from last month.

TrophyElden Ring (Month 1)Elden Ring (Month 2)
Elden Lord7.5%15.7%
Age of the Stars9.6%20.2%
Lord of the Frenzied Flame5.3%11.9%
Margit, The Fell Omen70.5%71.8%
Shardbearer Godrick61.6%65.2%
Shardbearer Radahn40.4%50.9%
Shardbearer Malenia14.2%27.2%
Defeated Placidusax10.5%21.3%
Lichdragon Fortissax13.6%23.9%
Maliketh the Black Blade 16.7%31.3%
Hoarah Loux the Warrior 15.4%29.9%
God-Slaying Armament 21.7%36.4%
Legendary Armaments 5.9%12.9%
Legendary Ashen Remains 7.1%14.6%
Legendarty Sorceries and Incantations 6.8%13.9%
Legendary Talismans 6.8%14.0%
Mimic Tear 35.8%47.4%
Astel, Naturalborn of the Void 26.4%39.1%

The game is quite the phenomenon, and it would be easy to assume that it may very well take home a big haul of awards once 2022 comes to a close. The buzz surrounding the game, even 2 months after its release, is still high and shows almost no sign of stopping at all.

Elden Ring is now available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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