Multiple PlayStation Plus Deluxe Classic Games Receive Platinum Trophies, Separate PS4 and PS5 Lists

As the all-new PlayStation Plus subscription service goes online, many players are looking forward to upgrading tiers to play the wide catalog of PS Classic games coming into the PlayStation Plus Deluxe tier.

Apart from the nostalgia, players and trophy hunters will be glad to know that more titles will be getting Platinum Trophy support.

playstation plus syphon filter

PlayStation Plus Deluxe PS Classics Trophies

Last week, Bend Studio confirmed that Syphon Filter will be getting Platinum support, to the delight of the players. Now, several other PS Classic games have gotten Trophy support as spotted by Exophase, including:

Interestingly, Exophase lists the PS4 and PS5 trophies as separate entries, prompting questions on whether auto-popping trophies will be possible.

Whatever the case, this is great news for players as replaying these games will see an increased benefit, and it’s also nice to see Sony going the extra mile instead of just offering the games plainly.

Will you be replaying these titles for the Platinum Trophies?

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