VALORANT Announces Free Crossover Event Pass Featuring Comic-inspired Player Cards

Riot Games and VALORANT have revealed a free Crossover Event Pass in celebration of the launch of the new underwater map, Pearl.

The free event pass will span from June 22 until July 13 and will feature 7 levels of comic-themed cosmetic items, including:

  • 2 Titles (“Dimensional” and “Double Agent”)
  • 3 Player Cards (Omen, Killjoy & Raze, and VALORANT Legion)
  • 2 Radianite Levels (20 RadP total)

Video Director Mike Berry shares that the goal of designing these comic book covers was to support the story as inspired by the PEARL map. “Players don’t know too much about the Omega side of this conflict, but it would be easy to assume they’re the “bad guys” based on what we’ve seen so far. What better way to flip that expectation than to throw Alpha into a room literally filled with heroic images of the other side?” says Berry.

In fact, the team tapped the talents of Jim Lee for the campaign. “The one exception might be Jim Lee who we specifically had in mind for a team origin cover. He’s just so damn good at them.

Watch – VALORANT Episode 5 Dimension Cinematic

The Free Crossover Event Pass goes live in time with Episode 5 Act 1.

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