Stray is a Smash hit for Annapurna Interactive Based on SteamDB and Twitch Numbers

Stray, the highly anticipated cat game of our dreams, is already Annapurna Interactive’s biggest PC launch, garnering over 60,000 concurrent players on Steam.

Based on the numbers alone as seen on SteamDB (via Benji-Sales), Stray has left other titles by Annapurna Interactive in kitty litter by a wide margin, with a concurrent player count of over 60,000, even peaking at 62,963 as of writing.

In comparison, 12 Minutes had 8,021, while the recently release Neon White had 3,277. It’s fair to say that Annapurna Interactive has quite the hit on their hands, all thanks to a cat.

A quick peek at other data from Steam DB shows that Stray is also currently #1 in the top sellers list and has garnered over 12,090 positive reviews. The game is also quite the hit on Twitch, hitting a peak viewership of 284,027 in the last 24 hours.

Stray is also available on the PS4 and PS5, and if you’re subscribed to PS Plus Extra or Deluxe/Premium, the game should also be available to play at no extra charge.

Who knew playing as a cat could be this much fun? Apparently, quite a lot!

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