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OlliOlli World: Finding The Flowzone Review
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Sneak Peek
  • Release Date: November 2, 2022
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC
  • Genre: Skateboarding platformer
  • Similar Games: OlliOlli World
  • Price: starts at $9.99 (PHP480)

Finding the Flowzone is the second and final DLC to be released for OlliOlli World, following the excellent VOID Riders back in June. And as a DLC, it follows suit with a new technique, new swag, and new areas. Furthermore, it introduces a whole new story and a new world to explore.

Just like VOID Riders, Finding the Flowzone would require you to complete a good portion of the game to access it, even if you’re able to find the area right away at Sunshine Valley. After completing the tutorial, you’ll be able to meet some of the wind-riders, a group of skateboarders obsessed with finding the secrets of the hidden city known as Radlantis.

Once again, dust off that skateboard and meet us in the clouds…

Head in the clouds…

Finding the Flowzone starts your journey in the regular world, where you are introduced to the new mechanic called the Wind Zones. Just like the Tractor Beam Jumps in VOID Riders, the Wind Zones bring with them a whole new wrinkle that’s trickier to master, adding more velocity to your jumps and opening up new scoring possibilities.

This expansion spruces things up by adding a brand-new area up in the clouds, with more levels to unlock and conquer as you take on the community’s high-scores. The levels match the dreamy aesthetic, with the awesome comic book-like visuals bursting with color and personality.

This new mechanic’s pretty dope!

In terms of value alone, Finding the Flowzone is packed with playable content that, while predictable, is a win for fans of the game. It’s more OlliOlli World for sure, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

…board on the ground

New swag!

Accessing the Finding the Flowzone DLC requires enough progress in the game, meaning that this isn’t your ordinary run in the park. There is a much greater challenge to kick things off with compared to the base game, so if you’re thinking of diving into the DLC right away, you’ll need to brush up on your skills before you can take on Radlantis.

In order for you to actually find the elusive hidden city of Radlantis, you will need to collect map pieces. It’s no easy task, as you would have to revisit the different levels and scour the different Gnarly Routes (which are of a different level) to get the hidden map pieces.

Your hard work will definitely be rewarded with better swag and an entertaining story to boot, which is all we can really ask for in a DLC. So in terms of putting more hours into your OlliOlli World journey.

They really will take anybody…

What We Liked:

  • Wind zones are a nifty new trick to add to your repertoire.
  • Even more new levels have superb design and creativity.
  • Even a wider range of cosmetics.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Like VOID Riders, new challenges are even tougher, requiring some patience and skill

Verdict: Buy It!


Finding the Flowzone is a worthwhile DLC to invest in if you’ve already put in as many hours into OlliOlli World and find yourself wanting more. It provides a lot of value with new levels, a new technique, and new swag that will keep stretching the experience to great lengths, especially for those looking for a new challenge.

It’s quite sad that this will be the final DLC in this title, but with all the content available from the base game alongside both DLCs, Finding the Flowzone is certainly worth its weight in terms of price and value, adding more of a good thing to an already superb experience.

*OlliOlli World: Finding The Flowzone was reviewed on a PS5 with a review code provided by the publishers.

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