Let’s Unbox the One Piece Odyssey Press Kit

One Piece Odyssey is finally available! After a long wait, fans of the hugely popular anime and manga series will get to join the Straw Hats on a new journey that will set their adventurous hearts on fire.

To celebrate the launch of the game, our good friends from Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia have sent over a One Piece Odyssey Press Kit that contains several goodies that will aid us in our quest to uncover the mysteries of the legendary island of Waford.

Who knows what secrets this package will contain? Let’s take a look!

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One Piece Odyssey Press Kit

What looks to be an unassuming package, the One Piece Odyssey logo is proudly emblazoned on the outer portion of the box, signifying an unforgettable experience with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates.

It is an Odyssey, no doubt, and one that is crafted by none other than Oda-Sensei himself, who has also introduced two new characters in Lim and Adio for this brand new game.

one piece odyssey press kit 2

As we open up the box, we are greeted with a letter and some trinkets to accompany us on our trek across Waford.

one piece odyssey press kit 4

“It’s time, to travel to the heart of our memories”

A letter says that the Straw Hat Pirates have been marooned on the legendary island of Waford, where they encounter a mysterious girl who could provide them with the answers that they seek.

“What truth awaits at the end of this adventure?” the note says.

one piece odyssey press kit 10

Of course, we can’t go traveling without our passports! Included in the package is a fantastic One Piece Odyssey-themed vacation passport case, perfect to keep our travel essentials safe while we go around the world in search of treasure (and sumptuous food)!

While we can hardly call it a vacation since Waford is packed with monsters, at least we’ll be safe with the Straw Hats by our side!

  • one piece odyssey press kit 5
  • one piece odyssey press kit 6
  • one piece odyssey press kit 7

To aid us in documenting the many sights of Waford, a One Piece Odyssey-themed camera is certainly a welcome tool. With it, we’ll be able to post selfies with the Straw Hats, or even catch them in action as they beat the Waford wildlife to a pulp.

  • one piece odyssey press kit 8
  • one piece odyssey press kit 9

We certainly can’t wait to play One Piece Odyssey, and thanks to these legendary items, we know that the Straw Hats will always be with us on our real-life travels as well!

One Piece Odyssey is now available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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