Marvel Snap v11.18 Update – Patch Notes, Battle Mode, Series Drops, and More

Marvel Snap’s v11.18 update is now live, and with it are a couple of big changes that will result in further discussions in the community.

First up is a new feature called Battle Mode, which gives players the ability to play against friends via an in-game code. This is obviously a highly-awaited and requested feature from the community, and will give players a chance to playtest deck compositions without fear of losing cubes. You can’t gain mission progress here though, so players will still have to play normally to clear those!

Coming with the Marvel Snap update are changes to two cards: Leader and Wolverine. Leader, more importantly, has been a controversial card due to his powerful ability, but this change will need more “skill” to properly use him.

Check out the changes below:

Leader: [6/7] On Reveal: Copy all cards your opponent played to the location to the right, but on your side.

Dev Note: Leader is a prominent “finisher” in the current Snap meta, and we’re not happy with some of the card choices and play patterns he encourages, especially his strength against other cool 6-cost cards. We’re changing Leader to only copy cards played at the location to his right, with more base Power to compensate. We hope that this change will reward clever predictions and reduce the frustration of playing against him.

Wolverine: [2/2] When this is discarded or destroyed, regenerate it at a random location with +2 Power.

Dev Note: Wolverine sees virtually no play at the moment, which is a bummer given how iconic he is. We’re giving him a substantial buff to reward players for activating his effect and create new deckbuilding options at both low and high collection levels.

Note: We have updated his text from “play” to “regenerate” to better reflect his gameplay functionality. This is purely a flavor and clarity choice.

Next up, the Marvel Snap series drops! Summarily, this means that some cards will cost 3000 Collector’s Tokens instead of 6000, and some cards will cost 1000 instead of 3000.

Check out the details of the drop below:

Series 5 cards that will move to Series 4:

  • Valkyrie
  • Super-Skrull
  • Bast
  • Shuri
  • Black Panther

Series 4 cards that will move to Series 3:

  • Luke Cage
  • Absorbing Man
  • She-Hulk
  • Titania

Shuri and Absorbing Man are both already widespread, especially in higher ranks, and we can expect an even bigger presence by them. This also ups the use of Wong, and because they’re all 4-drops, I don’t think we’re seeing less of Zabu any time soon.

I’d say this makes Zabu quite the candidate for nerfs, but in all honesty, I don’t think that’ll happen quickly. Part of what makes Zabu and his cohorts powerful is the unprecedented value of playing 2 things when you could’ve played only 1.

marvel snap january 31 patch update

For the full patch notes, you can check out the official Marvel Snap website.

Marvel Snap is now available for PC and mobile devices.

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