Marvel Snap – Days of Future Past Season March 2023

The X-men are doomed when the next Marvel Snap season arrives with a buttload of Sentinels and possibly more Nimrods than you can handle. Quantumania is ending in a day, but Days of Future Past is beginning as soon as it does. We’ve got a couple of new cards incoming this season, so let’s get right to it!

Marvel Snap – Days of Future Past Season for March 2023

Here’s a quick look at everything we’re getting in the new Marvel Snap season, Days of Future Past:

  • Nimrod
  • Wolverine Variant
  • Sentinel Variant
  • Various resources based on Season Pass, including 2 new Card Backs
  • New Locations
marvel snap nimrod

Nimrod: When this is destroyed, add a copy to each other location.

There are two words that can describe the elite mutant-extermination robot succinctly: Arnim Zola and Thirty Power. Wait, that’s 4 words, just split up. I guess that’s how Nimrod is going to work like when he hits. Zola is just one apparent enabler, but expect to see Nimrod in Galactus decks too, and maybe we’ll even see a resurgence in old-school non-Wave destroy decks. He’s at least predictable and can be Cosmo’d, but you better make sure you have priority by the end of Turn 5.

marvel snap kitty pryde

Kitty Pride – You can return this to your hand to gain +2 Power.

Shadowcat AKA Kitty Pryde is a cheap but growing play that may require multiple turns of investment. Her strength lies in cards or locations that have synergies with repeated plays – cards like Bishop and Angela can grow with Kitty Pryde, and Shuri’s lab can balloon her growth exponentially provided she’s out of the 0-power baseline. I’m looking forward to the Bounce archetype making an appearance this coming season since it’s been quite under-equipped forever.

marvel snap master mold

Master Mold – On Reveal: Add 2 Sentinels to your opponent’s hand.

Master Mold is the card I’m most excited about in this new Marvel Snap season – finally, I can make Ronan The Accuser decks happen. The Big Steel provides Sentinels not for you, but for your opponent’s hand – they can certainly make use of these 2/3s but the main reason you want those Sentinels on the other side is that means they have 2 virtually unremovable cards in their hand.

The Ronan synergy is the most obvious, but I think Master Mold has a place in countering Moon Girl strategies too, and could even deny draws for fragile archetypes like Negative and Cerebro. It’s not too much of a meta call for now that we have Shuri running rampant, but I think Mold is a card with a lot of long-term mileage packed in it.

marvel snap negasonic teenage warhead

Negasonic Teenage Warhead – After ANY card is played here, destroy this card AND that card.

Last up is my favorite superhero name ever, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. She’s a tech card and combo enabler in one (much like Cosmo/Armor in Destroyer decks). If you have priority, you can use her to destroy your opponent’s next card if you can predict it (Wong lane, anyone?).

If you have Nimrod or a big Deadpool, you can play her on the turns before and get instant returns on those abilities. I think she’s similar to Master Mold in that they seem like cards that have potential both inside and outside of the immediate meta in Marvel Snap.

The Marvel Snap Days of Future Past Season also brings in new locations:

  • Asteroid M – After you play a 3 or 4-Cost card, move it here.
  • Orchis Forge – After you play a card here, add a Sentinel to your hand.
  • Krakoa – On turn 5, takes over and plays both players’ cards for them.

Marvel Snap is now available for iOS, Android, and PC.

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