Microsoft Considered Acquiring Square Enix, Court Documents Reveal

During the ongoing Microsoft and FTC hearings, court documents dated 2019 have revealed that Square Enix was an acquisition consideration for Microsoft.

Bloomberg reports that under the name “Project Phoenix,” the company aimed to bring Square Enix under the fold to bolster Xbox’s presence in Asian markets which would further the appeal and adoption of users into Game Pass. It goes without saying that this acquisition would also open up Square Enix’s library of titles, from Final Fantasy to Kingdom Hearts, to its players.

One more reason for this plan was to provide mobile segment growth for Xbox, adding that it would assist in improving “future mobile-exclusive Game Pass offerings” due to Square Enix’s robust mobile-native portfolio.

It’s no secret that Phil Spencer has been working hard to improve relations in the Asian region, particularly with Japanese studios and audiences, and this plan would have certainly helped with that.

Just recently, during the same hearing, it was also revealed that Microsoft had targeted studios and publishers such as Sega, Thunderful, Supergiant Games, Niantic, Playrix, Zynga, Bungie, IO Interactive, and Scopely. The company considered many other studios before this final list.

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Would you have wanted Square Enix to be acquired?

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