Club Audition M ‘Amplified’ Update Drums to a Brand-new Beat

Club Audition M‘s Amplified Update is bringing players a fresh mobile gaming experience in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore with an exciting array of features and a revamped look.

Players can expect a new design that includes more refined elements in addition to the familiar refresh arrows style. This combining of new elements with the essence of the original Club Audition Mobile brand symbolizes a transformation that is exhilarating but remains true to its groove.

club audition m amplified

The Amplified update also introduced new Club Audition M features that will take Clubbers on an unparalleled rhythm adventure.

  1. GM Tournament – CAM players, or Clubbers, can now take part in the newly automated GM Tournament to get their fill of the game’s competitive environment whenever they want.
  2. GM Couple Tournament – Game Couples, or partnered players, can also battle other lovers in-game and compete for fantastic rewards automatically dropped to the victors after each round of battle. Let love and rhythm combine in this exhilarating feature.
  3. GM FAM Tournament – Bring pride to your game FAMily with killer moves on the dance floor. FAM members, or players from the same group, can go head-to-head with other FAMs in this tournament. Through dance battles, FAMs have the opportunity to bolster their ranking inside the game and even recruit new members. The more FAM members dance off, the more points they can gain, heightening the competitive spirit and their prestige.

Additionally, PlayPark has a full slate of events that will further continue the hype of the Club Audition M Amplified update.

  1. CAMCool Trends – don’t just be a fashionista, be a CAMshionista by flexing your spiciest outfits while chilling to nostalgia-charged beats as suggested by the community.
  2. CAMmunity Feels – Audistas rise up and be seen! Club Audition Mobile is all about celebrating the colorful individuals that make up the community.
  3. CAMpions Tournament – when Audistas dress up, they dress for success! Kill it on the dance floor in CAM on-ground tournaments and take home the most fire of prizes and rewards that might even include ultra-exclusive CAM merch!
club audition m camfunfan

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