Unicorn Overlord Reveals New Details About its Setting, Kingdoms, and Companions

SEGA and Vanillaware have shared new details about Unicorn Overlord‘s setting and unique companions players will experience in the game.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Kingdoms, Companions, and Activities in Unicorn Overlord:

Unicorn Overlord – Nations of the Realm
The continent of Fevrith was once home to five nations: the Kingdom of Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and the Holy Kingdom of Albion. However, they eventually fell under the rule of Galerius and his newly restored Zenoira Empire in the wake of his unforeseen rebellion.

Zenoira is a grand empire that is known to have once ruled over most of the world. At the peak of its prosperity, it boasted great cultural and technological advancement, but according to legend, it fell in a single day to some tragic catastrophe.

Unicorn Overlord – The Five Nations Under Zenoira’s Dominion

The Kingdom of Cornia

unicorn overlord cornia

A kingdom located at the heart of the continent and commanding the most territory.
Possessing fertile land and immense military might, its lords are fiercely loyal to the royal family. Queen Ilenia’s name is also considered sacred amongst the kingdom’s subjects.


unicorn overlord drakenhold

A kingdom occupying the southeastern mountain and desert regions of the continent, known for its abundant mineral resources.
Its wyvern forces form the core of the kingdom’s might. Relations with Cornia have long been strained over border conflicts.


unicorn overlord elheim

A nation of elves and dark elves to the southwest of the continent, cloaked in lush greenery.
Elheim has a unique system of governance with the Turenós at its head.
It is said that the Winding Wood prevents outsiders from infiltrating in the slightest.


unicorn overlord bastorias

A nation of bestrals fully spanning the vast frigid region to the north of the continent.
Various races reside here, and most of the bestrals make for hardy soldiers.
There is no king at present, and national affairs are controlled by a gathering of clan heads.

The Holy Kingdom of Albion

unicorn overlord albion

A theocracy that claims dominion over the extensive island to the west of the continent.
Grounded in its faith and with the Pontifex of Palevian Orthodoxy at its head, the kingdom holds significant sway diplomatically and militaristically.
Many winged folk live within its borders.

Unicorn Overlord – Future Companions

Travis (voiced by Daiki Yamashita)

unicorn overlord travis

“Fancy way to refer to a spy. You need intel, dirt, or just the latest weather, I’m your man.”
A spy with the Cornian Liberation Army.
As a spy, he was long assigned with collecting intel, but when Alain marches the Liberation Army into the field, he opts to join them…

Yahna (voiced by Aoi Yuki)

unicorn overlord yahna

“It’s one of the most prized techniques my master taught me. And not a feat for the weak of heart, mind you.”
A young witch living in Witches’ Hamlet. When Zenoiran soldiers stormed Witches’ Hamlet and began capturing its witches, Yahna morphed herself into a cat and successfully escaped.

Clive (voiced by Takuya Eguchi)

unicorn overlord clive

“Now come. Together, we shall see Zenoira’s ambitions defeated!”
A holy knight of the fallen Kingdom of Cornia.
Lauded since his time as a squire for his wisdom and bravery, it was not long before he attained knighthood.
He has made use of his talents by carrying out Josef’s directions and laying the groundwork for the Liberation Army.

Chloe (voiced by Nao Toyama)

unicorn overlord chloe

“I’ll give my all in the royal name, Your Highness.”
Daughter to a friend of Josef’s. After Chloe joins the Liberation Army, she studies as his apprentice, learning the ways of combat.
Despite being close friends with Alain, Chloe always maintains a sense of decorum towards him as prince.

Hodrick (voiced by Kenta Miyake)

unicorn overlord hodrick

“I know not why you’ve summoned me here, my prince, but I am ever yours to command. What is it?”
A former Cornian knight.
Hodrick served as faithful bodyguard to Queen Ilenia, earning her confidence.
He fought alongside Ilenia during the rebellion, but was defeated and is now a prisoner of Valmore.

Melisandre (voiced by Fairouz Ai)

unicorn overlord melisandre

“And why shouldn’t I? There’s not a man in the world who could hope to equal me.”
The head of Cornia’s decorated House Meillet.
Having lost her parents and brother to disease at a young age, it was her aunt and uncle who gave her the necessary tutelage to assume the mantle of the house.

Unicorn Overlord – Explore the Realm and Embark on an Adventure
Freely explore the vast reaches of Fevrith, resolving all manner of disputes and odd jobs along the way. You will be able to progress further by defeating enemies, liberating towns and utilizing their resources, and bolstering your ranks with your new companions.

As you explore the map, you will come across different quests. Quests will open up stages that you can complete to earn rewards. Every event that arises will be registered as a quest. Accomplish them in whatever order you like!

Liberating towns
When you liberate Fevrith’s towns and forts by defeating the Imperial Army in stages, you’ll unlock shops and other facilities, and exploration will become easier as enemies stop patrolling the area.

Rebuilding towns
Towns dilapidated under the Imperial Army’s rule can be rebuilt by delivering materials, which will add useful facilities and features. Rebuilding large towns such as walled cities will add taverns, which will allow you to enjoy a piping hot meal.

You will be able to reap resources from certain regions of Fevrith, from its beaches to its grasslands. The materials you gather can be delivered to towns, among other uses, so be sure to collect them. Harvested resources will replenish as you play stages.

Placing town guards
You will be able to station one of your companions as a town guard in each rebuilt town. While they are stationed, you will gain bonus gold for every stage you clear. Also, if you’ve discovered any harvesting spots around the town in which they are stationed, they will collect the resources for you.

In forts, you will be able to hold mock battles between the units you’ve organized as well as expand your units to increase the number of members per unit. At most, you will be able to expand up to ten units of five members each.

Honors and renown
Utilizing forts requires honors which serve as symbols of your triumphs. You will need a certain level of renown to unlock a fort’s features. Honors can be gained by clearing stages and delivering materials, while renown can be earned by clearing quests, rebuilding towns, and more. Once your renown grows, you will be able to hire mercenaries from all over Fevrith. Their color palettes can be changed upon hiring.

A battle will begin each time you encounter enemy patrols. If you are able to defeat all of the enemies, you will gain experience and honors. Should you suffer defeat during an encounter, you will be sent back to a previously liberated region, so try exercising caution when traveling through areas where your army’s forces may prove insufficient.

Mining Areas
You can pay gold to play a mining game in the mining area. Get ores and other materials by mining continuously for a set amount of time. Perhaps you might even dig up a treasure map here and there!

Unicorn Overlord is scheduled to release on March 8, 2024, for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

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