God of War Ragnarok Gets Free Roguelite-inspired ‘Valhalla’ DLC

Sony and Santa Monica Studio have announced that God of War Ragnarok is getting a free roguelite-inspired Valhalla DLC that’s scheduled to release on December 12 (December 13 in Southeast Asia).

The Valhalla DLC is said to be an epilogue to the events of God of War Ragnarok, after the battle with Odin and Atreus’ departure. Kratos goes on a personal and reflective journey as he is brought to the shores of Valhalla by Mimir, entering the unknown depths to overcome the challenges ahead.

Here’s what players can expect from the God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC, according to the PlayStation Blog:

In Valhalla, defeat in combat is not the end of a warrior’s spirit. If Kratos falls, he will reawaken outside the doors ready for the next try. During each attempt, you will learn and adapt to the challenges Valhalla has to offer. The more you overcome, the more resources you’ll gain that can be put towards permanent upgrades that affect both Kratos and even Valhalla itself.

Accumulating rewards and knowledge during your attempts will help you get ever closer to discovering the mysteries that await Kratos within.

god of war ragnarok valhalla dlc screenshot 3

The shore of Valhalla humbles all those who wish to enter. Kratos must cast off his armor and equipment, and instead build towards both per-attempt and permanent rewards.

Kratos will have access to all his weapons and fully-upgraded skill trees at all times, but must commit to a shield and path of Spartan Rage for each attempt. As you overcome the trials of Valhalla and explore its depths, you will make choices between temporary Glyphs for which Stats to upgrade, which Perks to select, which Runic Attacks to wield, and more. Each attempt can play out differently based on the rewards you choose, so keep your strategy in mind when making selections!

Wise preparation, adaptability to the challenge at hand, and command of your abilities will be the keys to mastery.

god of war ragnarok valhalla dlc screenshot 2

God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla has five difficulty settings that have been specially crafted and tuned to the unique gameplay of the DLC. Each difficulty setting increases the rewards you’ll gain from battle, and you can swap freely among them between attempts (including to and from the highest difficulty setting, Show Me Mastery).  

As your skills grow, we encourage you to try out some of the higher difficulties to earn more rewards and test your mastery over Kratos’ arsenal!

Between the five options, you will be able to select the level of challenge that is most fun for you. To help further customize your gameplay experience, the DLC will continue God of War Ragnarök’s standard for accessibility settings.

god of war ragnarok valhalla dlc screenshot 1

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla is a standalone experience, meaning players won’t need to have played the base game or made any progress to enjoy the DLC. Despite this, Valhalla will tie in narratively to the base game since it is an epilogue, so watch out for spoilers if this is your first time with the game.

Will you be checking out the free DLC?

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