Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Moves Release Date Earlier to June 21

SEGA has announced that Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, originally set to release on June 21 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC, is now moving up to June 14, 2024.

Additionally, new details have been released about the new characters in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance:

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Characters

Tao Isonokami (Voiced by Saori Hayami)
“You were ready to do whatever it took to protect someone you care about. I know exactly how that feels.”
A third-year student in the protagonist’s class and member of the lacrosse club. Known for her caring and kind-hearted nature, she has possessed a sixth sense since childhood. She assists Bethel’s Japanese branch and supports the protagonists when they join Bethel, offering healing and support skills in battle.

Yuzuru Atsuta (Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa)
“Innocent people get born into pain they can’t escape and don’t deserve. What do you call that but proof that our world’s fundamentally broken?”
A friend of the protagonist. Responsible, capable, and assertive; he is a principled and upright young man. He fights alongside Bethel in a provisional unit to protect his sister Miyazu and the peace of Tokyo. After wandering into Da’at alongside the protagonist, he gains the power of the demon summoning program and battles by commanding the sacred beast Hayataro and other demons.

Ichiro Dazai (Voiced by Kisho Taniyama)
“That angel taught me something truly important: you can’t rely on others to carry out your justice.”
The protagonist’s classmate. A cheerful, but slightly gauche guy who enjoys livestreaming. He struggles with his grades, and most other students just see him as a loser. He gets caught in the Takanawa Tunnel collapse during a livestream and wanders into Da’at. Hoping to prove his worth for a noble cause, he eagerly accepts Bethel’s request to join forces and wields the demon summoning program
to fight with demon allies like Aitvaras and Mokoi.

Miyazu Atsuta (Voiced by Ryo Hirohashi)
“Demons are just like people too. There are good types and bad…”
Yuzuru’s little sister and only remaining family member. Shy and reserved, she’s often seen visiting the nurse’s office due to her poor physical health. She looks up to Yuzuru but worries about the dangers of his duties at Bethel.

Sahori Itsukishima (Voiced by Lynn)
“I won’t! …I refuse to hurt Tao any more!”
Tao’s friend and former lacrosse teammate. After being bullied by members of the lacrosse team, she becomes the prey of the evil god Lahmu—who preys on her emotional distress.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Demons

The Fallen Ones: The Qadištu
Introducing new demonic characters appearing in the Canon of Vengeance: the remaining three members
of the Qadištu, and Glasya-Labolas, one of the 72 demons of the “Ars Goetia,” have been revealed.

Naamah (Voiced by Shizuka Ito)
“Now wail and lament! Your anguish shall become the Magatsuhi that I seek!”
A member of the Qadištu referred to as the “Mother of All Demons.” As the most carnal of the four, she is a seductress said to be so beautiful that mortals, demons, and even angels fall to her charms.

Eisheth Zenunim (Voiced by Kimiko Saito)
“Now, tell me… what part of yourselves do you hate most?”
A member of the Qadištu known to lure people to their doom. According to Jewish myths, she eats the souls of the damned. She attacks and steals the souls of humans under the pretense of giving them salvation.

Agrat bat Mahlat (Voiced by Reina Ueda)
“I shall dispense a punishment. May your existence be lost to darkness.”
A member of the Qadištu infamous as the queen of demons. She is also called “the demon who dances on the roof,” as she is said to wander the air with a horde of messengers of destruction.

One of the 72 demons of the “Ars Goetia” His form is described as a dog with griffin-like wings. It is also said that he is the author of bloodshed and murder, excels at predicting the future, and can make people invisible.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is now scheduled to release on June 14 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC.

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