The Thaumaturge Steam Achievement List

Want to become a true thaumaturge and claim your destiny? Here is an easy-to-follow achievement list for The Thaumaturge!

The Thaumaturge has 57 achievements in total. Several The Thaumaturge achievements are story-based, so just play as you would and you’ll be getting them in no time!

Unlike PS5 trophies, there is no platinum for the Steam version of The Thaumaturge, and you may need to complete multiple playthroughs to get everything. So get cracking, magician!

The Thaumaturge Salutor

*Spoilers Below*

The Thaumaturge Achievement List

Here are all of the Steam Achievements for The Thaumaturge:

The Thaumaturge Combat
Back to Life95.39%Make a full recovery with the help of a miracle worker.
Beast of Transcaucasia76.55%Catch the salutor who haunts the people of the village.
Chapter I. What Am I Doing Here?72.75%Finish your business in the village and go to Warsaw.
Trill-seeker31.66%Catch Lelek prowling the streets of southern Śródmieście.
A Snake in Hands34.07%Catch Veles, the salutor lured into the Imperial Hotel.
Chapter II. Stakes and Costs19.04%Learn about a particular court secret.
Taming of Clay8.42%Don’t let the Golem slip out of your hands.
Not my Clay, Not my Problem5.61%Keep the promise you gave Ariel Rofe and give the Golem back to him.
Chapter III. This is Getting Serious9.42%Leave the clinic, and greet the martial law in Warsaw.
The More The Merrier6.61%Strength in numbers. Join the coterie.
Arm in Arm with the Devil5.61%Trust in Rasputin’s plan and join him.
This Picture Makes Me Look Fat3.21%Tear off all the wanted notices with your picture.
My Work Here Is Done8.22%Get to the end of the adventure.
What if I just Quit2.61%Quit it all and leave Warsaw forever.
Howdy, Partner2.20%Get into the Tsar’s court as Rasputin’s friend.
Stay Put!3.01%Use Rasputin to get into the Tsar’s court.
Let My Will Be Done3.01%Become the Bloody Thaumaturge of Tsar Nikolai II.
The Price of Victory2.00%Get the victory paid with blood together with the coterie.
The New Coterie5.21%Win the Tsar’s favor together with the coterie.
Sketch Artist3.41%Sketch all local landmarks.
Tourist6.81%Watch all stereograph photos.
Music Lover8.42%Collect all gramophone records.
Posh Boy4.61%Collect all clothing sets.
Politically Involved7.62%Bring the cases of Petya, the workers, and the Lechites to an end.
Liar, Liar6.01%Find out the truth about Petya, but still cover up for him in front of Uncle Sasha.
Telemarketing4.61%Bucephalus deserves a truly luxurious saddle. Order up!
Yellow Marigolds and Her5.61%Tell Regina Wiśniewska what her husband’s last thoughts were.
Eternal Student2.40%Get involved with the Flying University and see how it ends.
Sweet Tooth12.02%Bring doughnuts to the lecture at the antiquarian bookshop.
Contribution to Science2.02%Bring about the legalization of the Flying University.
Father’s Return6.21%Let your father’s ashes return home.
Friends in High Places3.41%Try to get out of trouble by mentioning Abaurycy.
Slippery Situation12.22%Catch Morana, the salutor of Powiśle.
Negotiator8.82%Bring about a bloodless solution to the conflict.
Last Wish11.02%Catch Djinn who lures travelers in Mirów.
Gift on Request3.61%Give Djinn to Leila.
Wiktor of Arabia4.21%Win a fight with Ali by the watering hole.
Demanding Professor4.61%Discuss all the props with the students.
It’s a Deal!7.82%Help Abaurycy with his vendetta like in the good old days.
Someone’s getting the birch rod9.62%Don’t let Krampus get away. Catch him!
Complete Domination50.70%Win a fight with full Health Points.
Peaceful Solution3.41%Win a fight only by imposing states on the enemies.
Fast and Nervous92.79%Win a skirmish in 6 rounds or less.
Hands Off43.29%Keep enemies from launching an attack during a fight.
Fight Club17.43%Win all the fights in the ring in Powiśle.
Focus!15.63%Break the focus of 25 enemies.
Eternal Suffering14.23%Impose the state of Suffering 100 times on your enemies.
Not So Fast35.47%Delay or interrupt the actions of 50 enemies.
Factory of Pain25.05%Inflict 1,001 damage to your enemies.
Close Shave28.26%Win a fight with fewer than six Health Points remaining.
Heart on Your Sleeve3.41%Show some heart. Fully develop this dimension.
Man of Action2.81%Show active commitment and fully develop the Deed dimension.
Genius!5.21%Be mindful – fully develop the Mind dimension.
Rhetorician3.61%Keep your word. Fully develop the Word dimension.
Wings of Pride6.01%Be guided by Pride and let your Flaw mature.
Now I Understand10.62%Experience all the visions that Upyr wants to show you.
Thaumaturge1.00%Get all the achievements.
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Will you be claiming all achievements for The Thaumaturge?

The Thaumaturge is now available on Steam.

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