What if Filipino celebrities portrayed the cast of Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Its been done before. Game of Thrones cast as Filipino actors, Money Heist cast as Filipino actors… If real life TV shows and movies can do it, so can video games!

Have you ever wondered how Final Fantasy 7 Remake would look like if it had a Filipino cast? Who would play who? We have, for some reason we need not explain, so don’t judge.

We tried to have some fun as we took our limited knowledge of local celebrities to the test to see who we think would be a good fit for the cast of Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks-wise. Take a look at our choices below!

*Disclaimer: this is purely for fun and not meant to be character accurate nor demean / discredit any of the celebrities involved. Thanks to everyone who pitched in ideas!

James Reid as Cloud

Credits to Luna Saga

Kim Domingo as Tifa

Credits to CelebsPH Subreddit

Liza Soberano as Aerith

Credits to Ptama.net

Apl De Ap as Barret

Credits to Next Level Agency

*Editor’s note – How could we have forgotten Eric “Eruption” Tai who is LITERALLY Barret?!

Credits to Eric Eruption Tai’s Twitter

Erich Gonzales as Jessie

Credits to Erich Gonzales Youtube

Ejay Falcon as Biggs

Credits to Peoplaid.com

Nino Mulach as Wedge

Credits to Philstar.com

Jake Cuenca as Sephiroth

Credits to IMDB

Val Sotto as President Shinra

Credits to People Maven

Joross Gamboa as Heidegger

Credits to Interaksyon.com

Daniel Padilla as Rufus

Credits to Kishi Delos Reyes

Jackie Lou Blanco as Scarlet

Credits to IMDB

Bailey May as Reno

Credits to thenational.ae

Michael Flores as Rude

Credits to IMDB

Dingdong Dantes as Tseng

Credits to Famousfix.com

Wil Dasovich as Reeve

Credits to MegaMan

Roi Vinzon as Professor Hojo

Credits to IMDB

Leo Martinez as Palmer

Credits to ManilaGenesis

Enrique Gil as Roche

Credits to Kami.com.ph

Darren Espanto as Chadley

Credits to Tempo.com.ph

Ketchup Eusebio as Don Corneo

Credits to IMDB

Derek Ramsay as Andrea

Credits to Preen.ph

Cesar Montano as Chocobo Sam

Credits to IMDB

Alex Gonzaga as Madam M

Credits to Kami.com.ph

Arci Munoz as Kyrie

Credits to Viva Artists Twitter

My friend’s cat Harry as Red XIII

Credits to Toby

Mahal as Marlene

Credits to Starmometer.com

Got anyone else on your mind? We’d love to hear who you think would be perfect for these roles!

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