Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have set up a brand bidding war to win their own in-game costume

After the initial surge of brands wanting to cash in on the Fall Guys craze by requesting their own in-game costume, developers Mediatonic have come up with an ingenious plan to turn it into a friendly competition while benefiting charity at the same time.

The Fall Guys Twitter account have now issued a “Battle of the Brands” challenge where the brand who donates the largest amount after a 2 week period to Special Effect, a UK-based charity that takes care of children with physical disabilities, will get to have their brand costume inside the game. It’s a great way to ride the wave of new-found popularity by turning the clamor into something positive for all parties involved.

As you would imagine, brands have flocked to the challenge, getting outrageous offers reaching up to a hundred thousand dollars as of this writing!

Rivals of Aether, an Indie fighting game and one of the first bidders to the challenge, took the bid to $10,000 for a Ranno costume.

Not to be outdone, the hugely successful free-to-play game Warframe took it to $20,000, requesting for a Lotus costume!

A number of hardware brands like Cooler Master are now contemplating on the challenge…

Logitech Gaming is getting ready to email their CEO to make a bid…

Roccat wants a piece of that pie too…

Custom controller makers SCUF is thinking about wanting their back-paddled costume in the game…

Looks like Corsair and Overwatch League Team Dallas Fuel want to tag team for the challenge…

Adult gaming platform Nutaku have bid a staggering $110,000 but unfortunately, since their design was, shall we say, NSFW, they were yeeted out of the competition.


On to more serious bids, Tushy Bidet have put forth a $40,000, only to be raised to $100,000 by famed YouTuber MrBeast.

At the moment, Bisect Hosting, a server hosting service provider, have gone on to take the lead with $120,000 and are asking permission from Mojang, Minecraft, and Xbox to make a Minecraft themed costume in case they win.

With all of these offers within 1 day of posting the challenge, you can bet that the big players like KFC, Wendy’s, Mountain Dew, Monster Energy, and Red Bull Gaming will be coming up with their own bids to join the competition. Too bad only one brand can win… Maybe make it top 3, Fall Guys?

What other brands would you like to see make their bid for the ‘Battle of the Brands’ competition? Let us know!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available as a free PS Plus game for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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