Borderlands 3 will offer free next-gen upgrades for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Borderlands 3 will be offering PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners free next-gen upgrades within the same console family, which applies to both additional content and game saves as well, allowing vault hunters to continue their journey without any interruptions.

In an announcement during PAX Online, Gearbox and 2K Games have confirmed that Borderlands 3 will also be coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as a standalone purchase and will run at a buttery smooth 4K 60fps clip in single-player mode. The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, will run at 1440p.

Along with this, 3 and 4 player split screen coop mode will also be available, as well as a highly requested vertical split screen option for both current and next-gen consoles.

There will also be additional DLC coming later this year which will include a new game mode, a new skill tree for each vault hunter, and new action skills. No date has been announced for the new DLC.

Borderlands 3 is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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