PlayStation 5 reportedly has only 667GB of usable storage, also won’t support 1440p


As confirmed by IGN after the embargo has been lifted, the PS5 indeed only offers 667GB of usable storage space.


2 weeks away, or 1 if you’re on the other side of the world, until the PlayStation 5 hits retail shelves and even then, there’s still quite a number of things we don’t know about it yet. Sony has been ramping up information releases over the past month – from unboxings to the UI reveal and even an actual teardown. Of course, even so, there are still a number of questions swirling around.

One question is that of storage space. The PlayStation 5 will be shipping with an 825GB custom SSD but as we know, that really isn’t the full capacity since you’ll need to consider the system files that have to be there. Okami13_ from Twitter reveals that the PS5, from a ‘review kit’ has 667GB of usable storage, and since it comes with Astro’s Playroom installed, it’ll be even less. This has actually been leaked before, and it seems to align with past rumors. Can you imagine installing 130++GB of Black Ops Cold War in there?

Various media outfits have already received their review units and since those are the final retail units as well, we may soon get confirmation on this once the embargos are lifted.

Another report says that the PlayStation 5 won’t be supporting 1440p resolution and this comes from IGN Italy, who claims that Sony have confirmed it with them. While you can still use a 1440p display, you will probably get an upscaled 1080p visual.

Some gamers actually prefer to play on gaming monitors with high refresh rates, so the lack of support for 1440p would be a bit of a bummer. Most gamers who play on a huge 4K TV won’t mind, and it seems like the PS5 is really positioned to be an experience best fit for these larger displays instead of more space-saving monitor setups, unless of course you have a 4K capable monitor, which are really expensive.

Will both of these drawbacks affect your decision to purchase a PlayStation 5 as your next-gen console? Let us know!

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