Returnal speedrunner beats the game in under 5 minutes

Returnal is the latest PS5 exclusive from Housemarque that features a punishing adventure for players who wish to take the journey with Selene (check out our survival guide!). Its a great ride, but its tough for a lot of people who aren’t blessed with God-like abilities, similar to those speedrunners and no-hit completionists.

How would you feel if someone beat Returnal in under 5 minutes?

Youtuber MentalToast just did, and although it was just Biomes 4-6, 5 minutes is a hell of a feat. In 5 minutes, I would probably just be in the second or third room, killing off those bats with my default pistol.

See how MentalToast did it on the video below:

That’s pretty crazy, huh? Of course, this is not his first time around the block, and it is not a new save file, as evidenced by some of his gear, but it doesn’t make the feat any less impressive. What is impressive, however, is the way MentalToast goes about his run, jumping and boosting a certain way that a normal player wouldn’t be able to do following the proper control scheme.

This is called DMJ, or dash-melee-jump, wherein the player cancels each action into another that results in a boosted jump farther and faster than a normal jump would be.

Youtuber UprisenGaming has a detailed tutorial for how DMJ works:

It’s great to see speedrunners try to find ways to “break” the game, an over time, we’ll just keep seeing more impressive records being set. For now, we can all just struggle our way through the game and just wish that we could be as good as these guys.

Returnal is now available for the PlayStation 5.

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