Netflix reportedly looking to add games on its platform ‘within the next year’

Netflix isn’t content with providing subscribers an avenue to “chill” and watch their favorite shows and movies, and it seems that a recent hire is setting them up to offer games on the platform as well.

A Bloomberg report states that the subscription giant is “planning to add games to its subscription service sometime within the next year” and with it, has hired Mike Verdu, formerly Facebook’s VP of bringing content to Oculus, as Vice President of Game Development. As the position suggests, Netflix may be looking to create games rather than just host them on the platform, which may or may not be the smartest move based on the recent Google and Amazon ventures.

The report goes on to say that Netflix is NOT planning to charge extra for the content (which is great if true), and that the games will appear alongside current programs under a different genre, according to sources familiar with the matter. Netflix have not made any official announcements on the matter, and this remains purely a report at the moment.

Netflix has made a very strong gaming-focused push recently with shows like Dota: Dragon’s Blood and Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, so this move may not actually be too far-fetched.

Looking further, Netflix will be hard-pressed to compete with Xbox Game Pass, which is currently provides the best value for subscription-based gaming, offering hundreds of quality titles including multiple day one releases. Can the streaming giant play their cards well to become a player in the scene?

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