The ROG Flow X13 is the all-in-one device for the urban professional

As someone who has a full-time work-from-home arrangement, I have a humble setup but not a lot of space to work with. I can only dream of the time when I can have a full-fledged workspace complete with all manners of peripherals that can be worthy of an Instagram post.

For now, I work with what I have, which has a mix of a lot of things but still mostly gaming-related that really describes my personality.

Take a look at my ‘before the ROG Flow X13’ setup:

rog flow x13 feature 1
Not a lot of space here. Also dirty walls.

The most immediate question you might ask is why the Switch Dock isn’t plugged in, but more importantly, how huge my laptop is that it almost eats up a good chunk of space that I could be using for something else.

I’m not a fan of desktop setups because of the space it eats up. Also, because of the nature of my work, I need something that I can use wherever and whenever, something I can easily unplug and bring along when the need arises.

Asus has been generous enough to lend me one of their latest products in the ROG Flow X13 to see how it can make a difference in how I work and play.

All it has done is made me green with envy. I hate them.

Smaller, Faster, Lighter

You saw the before, here’s the after:

rog flow x13 feature 4
Yes yes, I need to clean up.

Can you see how much space I’ve cleared up?

I know it’s unfair to compare both laptops just because my old reliable has a 17″ screen while this is just 13″, but that’s beside the point. The ROG Flow X13 is not just smaller, faster, and lighter but also all-around a better machine, and I’m not even talking about just the specs.

I can imagine urban professionals who don’t have much space in their apartment or condo units would appreciate something compact yet powerful enough to meet the demands of their jobs, especially during the pandemic where a lot have been working from home.

More real estate can also mean that you can add more things to your workspace like an extra monitor or that streaming setup you’ve always wanted, among others.

Some would prefer a clutter-free setup for a more minimalist approach and the form factor of the ROG Flow X13 is perfect for this, taking up a fraction of space that desktops would usually require.

Even with an external monitor and other peripherals like a wireless keyboard and mouse, you’ll still end up with extra space for whatever purpose you need without sacrificing power or capability.

It’s even Windows 11 ready.

Media Monster

I have a 3-year-old daughter that often invades my personal space more times than I would like during the day. I’m sure dads can understand.

It’s something I can’t say no to, so during my time with the ROG Flow X13, I decided to let my daughter try it out.

Worked like magic. (Sorry Asus)

rog flow x13 tent mode 1
All that for MS Paint.

This example doesn’t really scream “Media Monster” as my title suggests, but its use case cannot be denied.

Apart from the usual benefits of Laptop mode, the ROG Flow X13 has two other modes that make it perfect for media consumption.

Tent or Stand mode makes media consumption (and sharing) easy. Paired with its touchscreen, viewing the latest episode of Squid Game on Netflix (or Paw Patrol) is a snap. Should you find the need to do so, the ROG Flow X13 has ports that can connect it to an external display for a more immersive experience.

rog flow x13 tent mode 2
And Youtube.

Take it anywhere and also watch anywhere. It’s so simple, even my Daughter can do it.

Effortless Gaming

It may not seem like it, but ROG Flow X13 can also handle gaming effortlessly. While the laptop on its own can handle light gaming thanks to its dedicated GTX 1650, its final form is revealed when connected to the XG Mobile eGPU and its mighty RTX 3080.

I’m not a PC gamer by any sense of the word, so the RTX 3080 is overkill for me, but one thing the ROG Flow X13 does so well is to be a portable gaming setup that I can bring around with ease.

Can you imagine gaming on max settings just with these 2 pieces of hardware that can conveniently fit inside your backpack or your messenger bag? Top-of-the-line flagship laptops won’t find the need for an external accessory like the XG Mobile eGPU, but the ROG Flow X13 presents one very understated advantage that cannot be overlooked – the advantage of choice.

rog flow x13 full package
These 2 pieces are all you need. And the power cord, of course.

You’re also not limited to gaming in laptop mode because you can fold up the ROG Flow X13 to suit your current situation. More than the others though, Tent mode is my favorite because it takes up very little space and at the same time, fully opens up all of its exhaust ports for cooling purposes.

Overall, the ROG Flow X13 is a device that might not be the most powerful nor will it be the device with the best specs. It probably isn’t the lightest laptop out there that can boast of extreme portability either, but the one thing it does and does pretty well is to be whatever you want it to be.

From a 2-in-1 to your all-in-one, and all you have to do is follow the flow.

The ROG Flow X13 is now available for Php 99,995 while the XG Mobile eGPU is also available for Php 89,995.

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