Elden Ring Speedrun Is Now Down To Under 9 Minutes, Doesn’t Even Fight Any Of The Bosses

Elden Ring speedruns are a thing of beauty when done right. There’s already been a no-damage run along with a “Pacifist” run, and some are simply looking to roll credits in the fastest time possible. One of these Any% speedrunners is Distortion2 and he’s been breaking his record regularly since the Zip glitch has been discovered, and while he was seemingly the first one to bring it down to as low as 12 minutes, he has pushed the bar higher now to an eye-watering sub-9-minute run.

elden ring spectral steed

Distortion2 has uploaded a new video of his latest conquest – an 8:56 run that now skips the only boss that he was fighting. On his previous run, he needed to beat the Beast Clergyman / Maliketh, but for this latest triumph, he skips Maliketh altogether and thus completing the run without even fighting any of the bosses of the game.

It’s quite amusing to think that you can actually roll credits in Elden Ring without beating any boss, and this run will surely even get faster as Distortion2 gets to do the zip glitch consistently without any mistakes.

You can view the full video of the run can be seen below:

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How much faster do you think this record can go? Will we see a 5-minute run next time?

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